Dorothea U. from Germany 
“BedInIBuild is the perfect home base for founders who want to dive into “the City” to build and scale their startup. It´s great to have a community of like-minded people from all over the world in a home away from home. That´s exactly what BedInIBuild has been for me in the last three months. Living just a few meters away from Golden Gate Park where you can run, bike or skate and having a bus stop in front of the apartment is just two more advantages.”

Tom B. from the Netherlands 
“Bed|n|Build is a very nice community to enrich your stay in San Francisco. Both the environment as the people in the house have inspired me to become more creative when it comes to building business.”

Vamshi K. from India 
“Amazing place, especially for hackers and builders. The community is awesome, people are respectful and fun to hang around with. I’ll miss the place much!”

Paulo C. from Brazil 
“The place is excellent: Very clean, quiet, comfortable and well furnished. The location is particularly good, with 15-min bus to downtown and in front of the Golden Gate Park. I was lucky enough to share my room with two nice non-snoring roommates.”

Florian H. from Germany
To stay at Bed|n|Build was the best that happened to me. I’ve stayed at a couple of other startup houses in SiIlcon Valley before, but frankly, none of them can compete. The guys at Bed|n|Build take very good care of all members and try to meet the needs of everyone! I stayed at two of Bed|n|Build houses so far and can say that the locations were perfect and I meet a ton of of like-minded people who were were bouncing off ideas and willing to help. If you are looking for a place to stay in or around Palo Alto? Then definitely stay at Bed|n|Build!

Aron U. from Canada 
“I’m extremely impressed with the level of communication and understanding that has been applied to my situation. Bed|n|Build will definitely be my top consideration if/when I do travel to SF and I’ll be sure to give a positive recommendation to friends. Thanks again!”

Johannes L. from Germany 
“I very much enjoyed my stay! I met startup folks from the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Sweden and had a blast networking and hanging out with all those interesting people from different walks of life. The apartment is clean, all bathrooms brand new, and everyone is friendly. Location is great with Golden Gate Park right next to the apartment (great for running & bicycling) and easy access to public transportation. I will come back for sure. Highly recommended!”

Pardo W. from the USA
“Had an awesome stay. Incredibly friendly startup atmosphere, clean, friendly. I made some life long friends. Had a blast at Bed|n|Build.”

Diego A. from Brazil
“Oliver is a great guy, who´s been super helpful since my arrival in San Francisco. I´m sure that if you decide to stay at bed´n´build you´ll meet great people and have a great time.”

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