Bed|n|Build is the landing pad and home away from home for entrepreneurs and other members of the broader startup community. No matter whether you call yourself a hustler, hacker, or designer – in our definition, you are a Builder and we provide you with a safe, flexible, and fun co-living space to stay.

But Bed|n|Build is much more than housing. By staying at any of the Bed|n|Build homes, you automatically become a member of our network and trusted community that generates extraordinary creativity and output. We unite pragmatic individuals and talent from all over the globe. Chat about startups, coding, or growth-hacking while preparing dinner together. Build your product or startup and hack away after hours. Or simply make new friends and enjoy good company of like-minded peers while chilling at the pool.

We believe that every new product and every new startup is an experiment. To make it successful, the Builders behind it have to be extremely focused and committed. Therefore, Bed|n|Build set out to eliminate all noise and distractions that come with the move to a new city. We provide an environment and community that supports its members and allows them to focus and thrive.


Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, Tradecraft, Hackreactor, RocketSpace, NestGSV, ZipFian, and the who-is-who of domestic and international bootcamps, accelerators and startup programs bring hundreds of entrepreneurs to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. They provide outstanding programming and mentoring, but do not accommodate participants for the duration of the programs. This is when Bed|n|Build comes in.

Renting a furnished room for a few weeks or months (often without proper credit history) can be extremely challenging. Fact is that we have seen many entrepreneurs and hackers distracted by solving their housing situation, rather than focusing on their startup goals and on succeeding in their programs. That’s when our team stepped up.

We strive to offer a membership that provides community and accommodation at the lowest possible rate. If we could, we’d provide free housing to the most talented Builders. So if you like to support us, open a Bed|n|Build in your city, underwrite or sponsor a room or house, provide “scholarships” or get involved in any other way, please get in touch. We are convinced that together, we can make a difference and have a positive contribution and impact on more Builders succeeding with their experiments.

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